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Cool Reasons to Upgrade to El Capitan

Upgrading to a new operating system can be very stressful. The worst case scenarios always come to mind - Will I lose any pictures/files? Will I still be able to use my favorite apps? Will I even like the new features?

Well, there are several cool features of the latest Mac operating system that we think you will enjoy. Check out "Cool Features of El Capitan" on Google Drive and fall in love.

Features Include:

Split View

Enlarge Cursor when Missing

Find more than files with Spotlight

Transit directions on Maps

Pin tabs on Safari

New Books!

Featured Magazine

Did you know that we subscribe to more than 30 of your favorite magazine and news sources? This month's featured magazine is MAKE. Celebrate the maker movement and learn how to do DIY projects involving computers, electronics, robotics, woodworking and metalworking! Stop by the library to check it out or learn more here!

Faculty Spotlight - Kahoot! (ing) with Jill Chang and Going 3D with Erin Dixon

If you have ever seen Jill Chang in action, you know that she maximizes every minute of available class time to introduce, reinforce and assess learning. Her students are continuously engaged in a very well orchestrated learning environment each day as they endeavor to master the Chinese language. This year, Jill has added Kahoot! as one of the learning strategies in her class and it has been a hit!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform for creating and administering unique, game-like quizzes. Questions, along with answer choices, are projected onto a classroom screen while students submit responses using a personal (likely mobile) device. Kids' devices display color and symbol choices only; the actual answer must be viewed on the classroom screen. The energized, game-like atmosphere comes from the use of bright colors, along with suspenseful music. Liveliness in the game or quiz escalates as updated ranks appear on the class scoreboard after each question -- personal points data is sent to each device (from Graphite). Learn more about Kahoot here.

Chinese characters difficult to learn but, thanks to Jill’s integration of Kahoot, her students are not so much focused on the difficulty but are instead eager to use what they have learned as part of a friendly competition. It is so much fun that they almost don’t notice that they are also learning more by engaging in the game.

The 8th grade advanced science class is almost always engaged in deep, novel exploration of physical science concepts. As Erin Dixon started thinking about how to approach the topic of polar and non-polar molecular structure, she decided that creating 3D models would benefit students’ understanding of covalent bonding. Since students can't see covalent bonding happening, it can be a difficult concept to understand. Having them create their models gave them something physical to manipulate and compare while investigating molecular structure. The class was assigned several different molecules to design. Each team designed their molecules in Tinkercad and saved them for 3D printing. In addition to discussion about the differences between the different types of models each design was evaluated for printing and the class learned more about 3D design and how to “design for success”. Her students loved doing this, and it definitely helped them understand the concepts. It was a success!

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Boxes of Fun!

If you are like so many Americans today, you still find joy in receiving things in the mail. Currently, there is a huge trend on subscription boxes filled with some of your favorite things. Beauty and grooming supplies, fashion, snacks, beverages of all kinds, even toys and treats for kids and pets! You've probably heard of Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club and Stitch Fix, but there are so many others! Continue reading for more websites to get you started.

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Best Apps of 2015 for Educators

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