B.B. King

Singer and Guitarist By: Cameran Cash and Adam Miller

Interesting facts about B.B. King

  • B.B. King famously named all his guitars "Lucille"
  • Had his own 10 minute tv show on WDIA radio in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Started out playing on street corners and local clubs
  • played more than 340 nights a year
  • Had a loyal fanbase
  • he influences many blues players
  • His parents split up when he was a child

Early Life

  • Name is Lucille
  • Born on Sept. 16, 1925
  • at age 12 he bought a cheap guitar
  • taught himself how to play guitar
  • Began Career in Memphis
  • Grew up on a plantation
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Their Music

  • Three O'clock Blues (1951)
  • Every Day I Have The Blues (1955)
  • Sweet Little Angel (1956)
  • Blues and jazz style
  • The rock and roll type of music
  • The electric guitar and the extended/shaky notes sounded so good together
  • Started recording singles in 1949
  • One of the most successful blues singers to ever live


  • B.B. King went to a blues center in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Rock music
  • British musicians in the 1960's
  • Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and John Mayall
  • He heard local blues players
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Time Period

  • President Harry S. Truman committed to a policy of containment against communist aggression
  • In the 50’s the cold war began and I think he was inspired to make music for the soldiers
  • Truman's popularity was declined which effected the democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson's campaign
  • All the economic and democratic situations might have made is difficult for B.B. King to preform due to the stressful elections and problems in the government
  • The Cold War Began
  • A Vaccine for polio was discovered
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