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Spectacular Skin!!!

This system is really spectacular!!! It protects your body from diseases by providing a barrier to viruses and bacteria. It also protects your body from overheating, dehydration, and freezing. The system also protects your body from physical damage also by offering a thick barrier that both contains your internal organs.

Interacting with other systems

The Integumentary system works closest with the Circulatory system, although it also works with other systems. There are tiny glands in your skin that secrete swat and oil, those glands are part of the endocrine system. So it also works with the endocrine system. The nervous system depends on the integumentary system because your nerves depend on neurons embedded in you skin to sense the outside world.

What can go wrong with this system?

This system like all the other systems has it's flaws, here are some things that can go wrong with your skin. The worst thing that can happen to your skin is skin cancer. Some other things that can go wrong are stuff like sun burns, scars and scrapes/scratches. Wearing things such as hats or sunscreen can protect you from the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the cells of your dermis and subcutaneous cells, A.K.A: protects you from sunburns. Wearing polysporin or other creams with bandaids help heel cuts and scrapes faster.

Integumentary System Song