Caught Up in the Drama

By Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Book Review by Jasmine Webb

Its senior year for the Good Girlz and they're trying to finish school with a bang. But will the temptation of fame and fortune break the bestfriends apart? Or will they stick together and overcome the fears and distractions they are put in?

Camille, Alexis, Angel, and Jasmine are all bestfriends and apart of a group called the Good Girlz. The Good Girlz are a group that helps out teenage girls that are having trouble following the rules and doing what their suppose to do. Camille was in a talent show and she had a beautiful voice the Good Girlz didn't know she had. However, she won the competition and had a chance to sing a duet with the famous rapper, Sage. When she arrived on set they were being disrespectful to her and put her in inappropriate clothes. The Good Girlz saw it and they tried to help her but she didn't want help. During the video, Sage kissed Camille and her boyfriend was there. He made a scene and they escorted him off the set. Weeks and weeks pass by and Camille was on every magazine, books, talk shows, and radio shows. She dissed her real friends and met new friends that were dancers on the set that she hung with every day. Once her mom came to the set and made a scene that's when Camille came to her senses and went to fix everything she's lost. On the other hand, Alexis was also going through a hard time in her life. Her parents were arguing nonstop everyday and she would have to turn her music up over them because they were screaming and yelling. A couple days go by and her parents sat Alexis down and had a talk with her. They told her they were getting a divorce and her dad was moving out the house. Alexis needed her Good Girlz to run to in time of need but the only person that was there for Camille was Angel because everybody has broken up.

Losing true friends will hurt your soul. All the Girlz were caught up in their own drama and lost their friendship in the mix. If you like a book that will have you on your toes, drama, wanting to know whats going to happen next, or true friendships, then this book will spark your interest. I would recommend this book to any girl that is struggling with friendships and are going through rough paths in your life and don't know who to run to. This book will have you wanting to read more and more!