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Wanted For

- destroying the ozone

- warming the air too much

- hiding from authorities in diamonds and graphite

Carbon's Use and Why It's Important

- respiration

- photosynthesis

- rocks

- dry ice

- fossil fuels

- need carbon to survive

- we exhale carbon dioxide


- the origin of carbon is from the Latin word carbo meaning charcoal

- the chemical symbol for carbon is the letter C


- black

- atomic Mass = 12.0107

- atomic number = 6

- non-metal

- solid at room temperature

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First Arresting Officer

Since Carbon was discovered in ancient times, nobody knows who discovered Carbon

Report of First Arrest

It is believed that Carbon was first used around 3750 B.C. because the Egyptians and Sumerians were using charcoal (a form of Carbon)

Last Seen

- Carbon is located at number 6 on the periodic table

- It is part of the Carbon group/family

- Carbon is anywhere on earth where there is life

Known Associates

- Fe3 O4 + 4C(S) → 3 Fe(s) + 4 CO(g) (Carbon with Sulfur)

- Carbon can form compounds with most of the elements

- Carbon has chemical reactions when forming compounds

Warning Label



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