Trust Administration

Administration of Trust

Estate and Trust Administration

At Nicole Pavlik Law Firm, we take pride at the way we cater to our clientele. We bring you a comfortable and secure ambience in the fact that we strive to provide you top quality services tailored to your specific needs. Nicole Pavlik Law Firm makes every effort to help our clients effectively with skilled and dedicated legal representation. As we are having a growing clientele, we pledge to maintain the standard of excellence and aptitude our clients expect from us.

Estate Planning

Estate planning deals with living trusts, general powers of attorney, wills, healthcare power of attorney, living wills, irrevocable trust and revocable living trust.

No matter if you are young or old; it is never too early or too late to consider the protection and distribution of your assets to your loved ones via a personalized estate plan. Our goal is to bring you with all the things and structures significant to conserve your wealth. Nicole Pavlik Law Firm works with you to figure out an estate plan that exactly fits to your specific needs and objectives.

Trust and Estate Administration

If you an estate administrator or trustee looking for administration of trust, dissolution of trust or other trust administration services, we have the legal experience and knowledge to take you through the complications of Estate and Trust Administration. We can help you deal with all the aspects of your fiduciary obligations.

Pet Trusts

Have you ever been able to consider the topic of caring for your pets in your discussions? Creating a plan to care for the pets after the demise of the owner can be a significant piece of planning.

By creating pet trusts, you will be able to decide who will take care of your pet when you no longer exist in the world. The pet or animal trusts should be endowed with enough assets or property to care for your pet throughout its anticipated lifetime. Make sure to add up any special needs i.e. medical conditions when deciding on the amount or assets.

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