Room 18 News

6 March 2015

Upcoming Dates

8 March Daylight Saving Time Ends Spring Ahead
13 March 3rd Quarter Ends
13 March 11:00 Author Share
16-20 March Spring Break

Our Week

Dear Parents,

It was another great week in first grade! We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We made posters of our favorite Seuss characters. We rotated through different stations. We made a Dr. Seuss hat, listened to Seuss stories, puzzles, made book mark and read and read and read! We were very excited to host three very special guest readers from the IU football team. The players read to us and we read to them!

We have continued our study of teeth. We’ve enjoyed reading Nice Try, Tooth Fairy. This story is the correspondence of a girl who is trying to get her first tooth back from the tooth fairy to show her grandpa. Each day, she writes a letter to the tooth fairy and each night receives a preposterous tooth until finally the tooth fairy gets it right. We are writing our own letters to the tooth fairy during our writing time. We are working on remembering where the heading, body, closing and signature go. I think one of the great things about first grade is that writing the president and writing the Tooth Fairy are equally reasonable activities :)

We continue working on our biographies. We working on transforming our notes into cogent sentences and paragraphs. We are looking forward to sharing our biographies at our Author Share on Friday March 13th at 11:00.

My father was hospitalized earlier in the week. I will out of the classroom this afternoon and Monday to take care of family concerns.

Have a great IU weekend!

Laura B.

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Spelling Words

These are our spelling words. Our test will be on Thursday March 12th.

Three My Pick words

Don't forget to go to the store. We need to pick up some more corn.