Greek Golden Days

What is a Golden Age?

A Golden Age is a period of time that consists of peace and success for the entire civilization. This is also a time when developments are made in all kinds of technology. Greece's Golden Age impacts many civilization today with their progress in architecture and government system.


Greek architecture is still used in many civilizations today. Their use of marble and pillars are seen everywhere. The Lincoln Monument in Washington D.C. is almost identical to the Doric Temple in Greece

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In Sparta, the most important idea to them was military. Many of their militaristic tactics are used in armies all over the world today. Everything Sparta did was based around military. Boys at age 7 were sent to military school. Then at age 14, they served in the military until age 60 or death.

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Greek invented the idea of a true democracy. They were the first civilization that had no social classes or king. They believed that everyone should have the free choice to decide how they would live their life. This idea seem to benefit them as many wise men came from the country such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.