Civil Rights (NAACP)

BY; Aly Handy

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- NAACP stand for "The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People," this is an African- American Civil Rights organization in the US.

- Was formed in 1909 by Moorfield Storey, Mary White Ovington, and WEB Du Bios.

- This organization focused on legal strategies designed to control the critical civil right issues that were happening at the time.

- NAACP became the dominant civil rights organization in the country, noted particularly for its work in publicizing the evils of Jim Crow discrimination.

- NAACP set out to prove that facilities separated according to race were inherently unequal.

During the time of the NAACP they were fight with/ for many civil right court cases. Some of there were even taken to the Supreme court, which Thurdgood Marshall was a member of 1967-1990.In the late 1970's, the NAACP broadened its scope by committing itself to the struggle for equal rights around the world. The NAACP fought for the Plessy V. Ferguson case as well as the Brown V. Board of Education case.

The NAACP quotes the following about Rosa Parks; "Rosa Parks. Mrs. Rosa Parks is one of our country's most important historical figures. Often referred to as 'the mother of the civil rights movement,' she was the spark that set off the Montgomery Bus Boycott." While the NAACP was supporting Rosa Parks they also made the comment that she was tired and did not feel it was nessacery for her to move. Why should she have to move for the comfort of someone else? just because of their skin color.