Homework: Jan. 26-30, 2015

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim



1. page 296-297 Worksheets

2. TTM- at least 30 minutes

Regular Math:

1. Same as PACE this week!


Each class has ONE entry due this week. We are on the "O" traits.

DUE: One entry with an O trait, synonym and antonym with support from their book.

***a good site to use for finding words is:


Spelling/Cursive Handwriting/Grammar

1 No spelling homework this week. We are reviewing spelling rules.

Complete the Lesson 14 editing practice and study words.

2. Handwriting...practice cursive using the "Attitude" quote for practice.

3. Grammar Homework in a STAAR format. Their are 4 downloadable pages, but only six questions!

What's happening in the classrooms next week-


This week we will study "All the Earth's Water and discover...

How much is fresh water? Salt water?

How much is in ice caps and glaciers? Groundwater? Lakes and rivers? Soil and air?

If you can help...

Mrs. Reim and Mrs. Wells need:



Our paper towel supply is getting low. If you can send in a roll, we would appreciate it!

Dates of interest!

Wednesday and Thursday are talent show auditions.