A trip to the UNDERWORLD!

Meet our planet, Pluto, where the god of death lives

PLUTO, the nineth planet of solar system

In our solar system, in the furthest place, Pluto, where this planet lives. This planet was first discovered in1930, and named after a kid in England. The kid suggest it to be named after the Roman god of the underworld. Pluto is smaller than 7 moons in the solar system, it is so small that in 1999, many scientists decided that our poor Pluto isn't a planet at all, it is a comet. So, Pluto, changed from planet to dwarf planet, and we were taught that there is nine planet in our solar system and now, is eight. Our dwarf planet is so far away that we still only know a little bit after the first land on Pluto. So we are there to investigate!

Explore the Galaxy

Tuesday, March 30th 2156 at 11:30am

18 Aspera Pl

Noosaville, QLD

Remember to bring camera, ticket and jetpack.

We will provide the food and drinks

Things we will do...

1. You will get to have a walk our Pluto

2. Have a lovely Picnic there, remember to bring a antigravity shield with you

3. Before you have a walk on the dwarf planet, we will be putting on some really heavy metals on you, to keep your weight the same as on Earth. Because that Pluto is so small you will weight much lighter than you do on Earth. So, considering your comfort, we decided to do this.

4. There will be NO CAMPING this time because when is at night, Pluto's temperature can get down to -400 degrees!!!