Lincoln,Nebraska VS Denver,Colorado

Where should Fowl Foods be located

Lincoln, Nebraska

Fowl Foods should be located in Lincoln,Nebraska because there is a lot of space where they could place the chickens, cattle, or pigs. There is a humid continental climate. the winters are cold and dry, and the summers are hot and humid. So it wouldn't get to cold for the animals in winter.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is located on the western edge of the High Plains. Denver lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone. It receives a modest amount of rainfall. Denver is one of the most educated cities in the US.

Why i choose Lincoln

Although Denver has bigger space and more rainfall i believe that Lincoln would be the best place to open up Fowl Foods because Lincoln has better climate. the cold harsh winters of Denver would destroy the soil and plants the animals eat. Also the heat of the summer would over-warm the animals causing them to want to say indoors and become all fat and lazy. Because people in Denver have such high educations they might want better paying jobs or want to start there own businesses. Finally, because Denver is closer to the Mountains the climate can be unpredictable sometimes which many cause some problems for the workers.This is why I think Lincoln is the better choice