Career Flyer

Description of Duties

A photographer usually in a normal day of work must choose a subject for the picture, select the type of camera they wish to use to capture the best image for the style or costumes idea to fit their preferences, choose enhancing equipment to better fit the images style and how the costumers wants the photo, and lastly to edit the image to make it more to the quality of the costumers wants.

Helpful Skills

  • People Skills (Meet new people and learn their stories)
  • Grasp the beauty of the world
  • Pushes you to the edge of your limits
  • Able to tell a story through photos (costumers or your own)
  • Make others feel good from your photos
  • See new things all of the time

How It Relates to Psychology

A background in Psychology will help photography because it makes you better understand what a customer would want for their images, also learn the different behaviors of the people you meet over many years, and see how a person reacts to many different types of photos that you take.

Average Salary

Generally a photographer will earn annually around $55,225 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.