Evolution of Apple Products

Haley Larson

How did Apple become so successful??

There are 6 main reasons:

1. When creating a product, Apple took creating products a different way. Many other companies think "Will people want to buy this?" Apple took a different strategy, with the help of Steve Jobs. Jobs would represent the "real customer." If he didn't like the product, then it wasn't good enough for the public to have.

2. Apple's products are easy to use. Everyday, customers and employees use this technology. Apple wanted to create something easy to use and something that everyone is able to understand. They don't want their customers to have to do something extremely crazy that they don't understand what they're making. And more importantly, they want their customers to be able to understand how to use the product without having to ask a million questions.

3. Ultimately, Apple keeps things simple. There is only 1 model of each product. When you go visit your carrier, there is about 25 different models, but only one is Apple. For example; Samsung has Droid and Galaxy, whereas Apple has iPhone. Studies show, that it seems like more people would like a varity, more times than not, they would rather have a single choice. It makes everything easier. With only 1 model, customers can go into the Apple store and feel confident that the employees know everything about all the Apple product.

4. Speaking of going to a Apple store, another reason Apple is so successful, is because their customer service is great. When you walk into any other store, employees will ask "How can I help you?" but Apple's employees say "What do you want to do today?" This is so that they get a clear indication of what you want done. And they will get it done right then and there or even over the phone.

5. Apple doesn't create things.. They make them better. For example, Apple didn't create the MP3, but they reinvented it and made iPods. They didn't create smartphones, they reinvented it with the iPhone. The improved on products and made them more easy to use, and better for the people.

6. Lastly, Apple is always 2 years ahead. It's what keeps them in the lead. When they release a product, they have already been working on it for 2 years. This is what gets competitors the most. They finally release a product that is competitive to Apple's products, but Apple is already almost ready to release a new product that is 2 years in advance. Competitors just can't keep up!

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Advancing Technology


- The first iPhone was just the beginning of the new technology that Apple was about to bring. Other smartphones had still used buttons to get around, but Apple was the first to introduce using fingers to scroll.

- The iPhone 3G introduced something still used today, in which is very essential to every smart phone- a built-in GPS system. Also it included a new software, iOS 2.0. iPhone 3GS improved on the iPhone 3G by allowing users to use their phone to surf the internet and it was twice as fast at the iPhone 3G.

-iPhone 4 introduced the FaceTime-which is still very improved and popular in today's world. The iPhone 4S, a more improved version of iPhone 4, introduced the very famous, Siri.

-iPhone 5 has brought new styles, faster, more space and more technological advances to the iPhone world. Also, the new iPhone 5C brought the idea of different colored iPhones. The iPhone 5S brought the new idea of having TouchID, where you could use your own fingerprint to get into your iPhone. This is something that many other smartphones have not yet created.

- As the iPhone world grows with the iPhone 6 and 6Plus, there is bigger and better features, and a common advancement is the camera continues to improve.

-The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus includes Apple's newest advancement- the 3D Touch. This is where the iPhone senses how hard you press on the screen and reacts to your pressure.


-The first iMac was the iMac G3, it was the beginning of many, the shape, the size, and the hard drive improved over the many years. The hard drive went from holding 5 GB to holding 32 GB

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Apple's Main Products

Comparison of Prices of Apple Products


-iPhone 3G: $199

-iPhone 4: $200

-iPhone 4S: $300

-iPhone 5 and 5S: $199

-iPhone 6: $549

-iPhone 6 Plus: $649

-iPhone 6S: $649

-iPhone 6S Plus: $749


-iPad Pro: $799

-iPad Air 2: $499

-iPad Air: $499

-iPad Mini 4: $399

-iPad Mini 2: $269


-MacBook: $1299

-MacBook Air 13 inch: $999

-MacBook Air 11 inch: $899

-MacBook Pro 13 inch: $1299

-MacBook Pro 15 inch: $1999

-iMac 21.5 inch: $1499

-iMac 27 inch: $1799

-Mac Mini: $499

-Mac Pro: $2999

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There is new technology being invented everyday

There are always rumors out there of what new is going to come out. And odds are, if its technology related, Apple will be the one to release it. There is always new softwares and devices being improved by Apple. Who knows, maybe the next iPhone will be clear and super advanced! Apple is amazing and they way that they have developed their technology over the years is something that will always be in history.