Apps for Elementary Students

Perfect for using technology in every curricular area!

The Math Tree - Available for iPad

Learn math concepts in a fun, exciting way! This app allows students to construct math knowledge using fun, interesting, and eye-capturing ways!

Spell + Friends by Tap to Learn - Available for iPad

Give your students an exciting way to practice their spelling. Spell + Friends not only helps students practice their spelling skills, but also gives them definitions and helps them to sound out words as they go!

Britannia Kids: (multiple editions) - Available for iPad

Britannia Kids enables students to explore various science concepts in-depth. They can then apply the concepts they've learned through a variety of games and activities to help solidify their newly gained knowledge!

My First Yoga: Animal Poses for Kids - Available for iPad

Encourage your students to move around, as well as relax, with the My First Yoga app! This app goes through the basic yoga moves and makes it easy for children to follow along.

Sago Mini Doodlecast - Available for iPad

Your students can let out their inner artist using Sago! This app allows children not only to practice drawing simple objects, but also gives them the opportunity to express their unique creativity.