Iowa CORE Curriculum

Kelsey Waughop

What Does Iowa CORE Offer Iowa Students?

The purpose of Iowa CORE is to ensure that students receive challenging and important curriculum to prepare them for their future.

What Does Iowa CORE Offer Iowa Educators?

The Iowa CORE encourages teachers to continually better themselves. It is their duty to ensure that students are learning the necessary curriculum to meet graduation requirements,


Intended Curriculum: What the CORE curriculum is planning on teaching the students

Enacted Curriculum: What the teachers actually cover throughout the school year

Assessed Curriculum: Content that is assessed to determine achievement


How well the content of the curriculum mesh together, basically how the make sense as a whole.

Effective Instruction

Student-Centered Classrooms: students construct their own knowledge while teachers assist the students to make the connections

Teaching for Understanding:Teachers are to lead students to engage in thought-provoking activities so students will connect prior and new knowledge.

Assessment FOR Learning: measure where the students are and see how well the CORE curriculum is working

Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum: Complex, provocative, and personally or emotionally challenging curriculum for students

Teaching for Learner Differences: Adjust your teaching to satisfy every child's' learning style