Caregiver Series: Increasing Focus

Newsletter & Episode 2

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Increasing Focus in 4 Ways

In this episode, Kristin, Mary, and Michelle discuss ways to help increase your child's ability to focus on academic work. We know this is a lot of information so feel free to watch the whole video (about 13 minutes) or browse section by section below!
Caregiver Series Session 2, Increasing Focus
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Tips for Taking Breaks

Why take a break?

A rule of thumb we live by as teachers is that children can maintain focus on academic work for about one minute per year old they are. Breaks between tasks or during tasks help brains stay focused and makes school work more manageable.
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Break Resources

Flexible Seating

Why allow for flexible seating?

Flexible seating increases focus by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. It also gives the child choice over part of a task, which increases engagement and motivation. They may not want to write but at least they can write in a comfy space!
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Flexible Seating Resources

Focus Tools

Why focus tools?

First, these are commonly referred to as "fidgets" but we have started calling them focus tools since they are tools to help kids focus. Also, don't be swindled by expensive options--there are many things you can use as focus tools that are inexpensive or free!

We recommend focus tools because it gives the body something to focus the fidgets towards, which allows the brain to focus on the real learning.

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Focus Tool Resources

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