Real Florida

Alayka Reddy 5

DAY ONE: Miami Beach

Lets start with the beautiful sandy beach in Miami. You can play in the sand or surf the waves. Bring your water gear and you could go scubadiving too!!

DAY TWO : Fishing in Key West

Thursday, May 30th, 3:45pm

Key West, FL

Key West, FL

Today we will go fishing in Key West. You need food for the fish, a pole, and a nice and quiet deck to sit on. After we go fishing we will go out to dinner at a restaurant called Blue Heaven.

DAY THREE : Everglades

Now we will experience the beauty of the Everglades. There are Gators, crocs,birds,panthers, snakes, and other animals.You can go on a air boat and ride on top of the Everglades. I bet you you will see a gator!!!

DAY FOUR : Museum of Florida History

Would you like to visit the Museum of Florida History? There you will learn about the history of Florida. There are pictures and exhibits. Florida played a big part in history!

DAY FIVE : Little Havana

To end our trip we will go to a place in Miami called Little Havana. This is a latin part of Miami where you can shop, eat, see historic sites, and hang out!