Is Canada the greatest country?

Would you like to live in Canada

Do you think Canada is the greatest country to live in?

I think Canada is the greatest country to live in because Canada is one of the most peaceful and fair countries to be living in.We are in the top three for least deaths per year. also Canada has many resources such as clean water,oil sands and fresh crops.In Canada we also have a good health care system and retirement plan. Canada also helps other countries by being peacemakers. Also in Canada you have the freedom of speech we get. We don't just walk out on the street and get shot. There also many different jobs that you can choose to do in your life. There's also a lot of immigrates that come to Canada, in one year Canada excepts 250,000 people to live in Canada. In the 1800's there were a lot more babies given birth to this is because people wanted families, there wasn't really any kind of protection either and my last main reason is because you got more money by the government for having children. But because more babies, uncure-able disease and it was a lot harder to survive there were a lot more deaths. Now in the 2000's there were less babies given birth to this is because we have protection so the girl most likely won't get pregnant and not only does it cost a lot of money to take care of a baby and it takes a lot of responsibility to care for one and because of the less babies given birth to and we have some cures for diseases there are less deaths. Now lets talk about the glaciations that peaked 20,000 years ago. Glaciations took thousands of thousands of years to form. Glaciers ice is thousands of metres thick as long as more snow is added, the ice moves outward.