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Centennial High School

CHS opened its doors in the fall of 2010 with only 750 students. Today we have over 1700 students and offer a wide range of classes designed to meet the needs of today's learners.

Principal's Ponderings

The 1st three weeks of this school year has been busy. We are especially grateful that our students received Chromebooks on Wednesday. Great things are already happening in classes through technology.

Be sure to monitor your child's grades, attendance, discipline, and fee management in Family Access. This is great way for you to keep up with where they stand at school in real time.

Parking at CHS

Please click here to view the student parking information for CHS.

Please click here to view the student parking contract for CHS.

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There are several reasons that attendance is a primary focus of any school. The primary factor is that attendance has a direct correlation to achievement. When students are not in class, they cannot learn the material being taught. Over time, absences can add up and may cause a student to lose credit for the class either by not passing the course or by missing more than the State allows. We hope that everyone will make attendance at school a priority.

College and Career Information

CHS College and Career Website College and Career Twitter College and Career Facebook



October 11 @ 8:45

All 9th and 10th grade students will take the PSAT

*Students will not be provided calculators. If they wish to bring their own please make sure to use an APPROVED CALCULATOR.

All 11th grade students will take the PSAT/NMSQT

(The National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)

*Juniors will be provided calculators

There is no cost to the student for any PSAT test.

Students will be registered by the school.

All 12th grade students will take the ASVAB. A common misconception is that the ASVAB is only for military purposes; however, it is beneficial for all students. The career exploration scores can help determine readiness for further education and training in different career areas. The ASVAB is similar to standardized tests like the SAT, but it measures an individual’s potential rather than accumulated knowledge.

If you would like for your senior to participate in an alternative activity, please fill out THIS FORM form by September 8.

College Week

October 23-27

Mon 10/23- Grade Level "To Do" Lists emailed to parents and students

Tues 10/24- Staff Spotlight during lunch

Wed 10/25- BISD College Fair 6-7:30 @ CHS

Assistance with ApplyTex and FAFSA will be available

Thurs 10/26- SAT/ACT/ApplyTex/FAFSA assistance during lunches. Come get fee waivers for SAT/ACT if you are on Free or Reduced Lunch!

Fri 10/27- College Shirt Day! Turn in acceptance letters!

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships are in Career Cruising

Career Cruising Instructions (Video)

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You must complete this application to receive grants, scholarships, work study and/or loans for college. The FAFSA is also a requirement for the Burleson Opportunity Fund. The FAFSA is FREE Do not pay a third party site to fill out the FAFSA.

To complete the application visit:


SAT/ACT-- As a general rule, Juniors should take the SAT & ACT in the spring of their Junior year. Students should then retake one or both of the exams before applications are due in the fall/early spring of Senior year.

If you are on Free/Reduced lunch, contact Mrs. Pair to get a waiver to take the SAT and ACT for free. You will also get four College Application Fee Waivers!

CLICK HERE for ACT & SAT Registration Information


Bring your acceptance letters and scholarship information to the College and Career Center. We want all acceptance letters and scholarship awards even if you are not planning on attending the school or accepting the scholarship. If you turn in multiple acceptance letters, please indicate on the letter which one you plan to attend.


Students are expected to check their Hill College accounts once per day. Communication from Hill College goes directly to the student.

My Rebel (Account Info, Class Schedule, etc.)

Blackboard (Online Class Access)

Student Page- Great page to save to your Favorites Tab! (Links to Blackboard, MyRebel, Email, Bookstore, etc.)

Hill College Calendar (Class start/end dates, drop dates, etc.)

Hill College Contact Information
Burleson Campus 817.295.7392
Cleburne Campus 817.760.5500


CLICK HERE for the 2018 AP Exam Schedule and Fees

From the Student Support Counselor

Last week I introduced myself and spoke of some of the topics I am going to try and cover over the course of this school year. In September I will be focusing on Internet Safety, including Cyberbullying and Social Media.

There are tons of apps out there that teenagers are using. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, etc. I recently became aware of a fairly new app available in the United States called, “Sarahah.” I had never heard of this app and I thought that might be the case for many of you as well. I am bringing this app to your attention this week due to the anonymity of the messaging and the possibility for bullying to occur.

A little background on the app. Sarahah only became available for use here in the United States in mid-June, so it is fairly new. It was originally created as a way for employees to provide feedback to their coworkers or employer. Honesty was to be encouraged because of the anonymity component. The word “Sarahah” literally means honesty, or openness, in Arabic. However, as with many social media apps, the true intention is not always how it pans out in reality.

How does this app work? It allows people to send messages to a person without the recipient being able to see/know who sent the message. Alarms starting to ring out on how easy it would be to bully someone using this app? Yep, for me as well. Those who contact can come from those in your contacts or from almost anyone depending on how your teen gets the word out that they are on this app. Basically, once the app is downloaded and installed, the usual occurs-username, password, etc., and then a specific URL is given, which looks like this: and then can be shared with others who can then send you anonymous messages. If your teen chooses to allow non-registered users to send them a message, then anyone can send a message to them anonymously, even if they are not on Sarahah as a user themselves. All someone needs is a link to their page and the message will appear in an inbox within the Sarahah app. Replies are not part of the app, so someone can send over and over and the Sarahah user has no way to reply, nor any way to discover the sender of the message. Sarahah can also be linked to Snapchat and Instagram, and comments can be made on the stories created within those apps as well.

This app is so new, it is hard to determine if it will even “catch on” here in the states, but it is novel and another means for teenagers to hide behind their devices, even more so than other apps your teen may be currently using due to the anonymity being built in. The good news? Most experts believe that this app will die out quickly, since it is not truly social-there is no way to have back and forth communication. In the meantime, be aware of the potential pitfalls of this app if your teen is using it. The ability for students to bully anonymously is a true concern with this app.

Christine Massey, M.S., LPC

Student Support Counselor


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This Week's "Spartan Spotlight"

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Click here to view the latest "Spartan Spotlight" broadcast.
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CHS Events for the Week of 9/11/2017

Monday, September 11th

  • Sparkler Booster Club Meeting in Seminar C - 6:00
  • Cheer Booster Club Meeting in Conference Room A113 - 6:00

Tuesday, September 12th

  • Varsity Tennis at Burleson - 4:30
  • JV Volleyball vs. Cleburne at CHS - 5:30
  • 9th A Volleyball vs. Cleburne at CHS - 5:30
  • 9th B Volleyball vs. Cleburne at CHS - 6:30
  • Varsity Volleyball vs. Cleburne at CHS - 6:30

Thursday, September 14th

  • JV Tennis vs. Burleson at CHS - 4:30
  • 9th Blue Football at Brewer - 5:00
  • 9th Black Football at Brewer - 7:00
  • JV Football vs. Brewer at CHS - 6:00
  • Choir Booster Club Meeting in the Choir Room - 6:30

Friday, September 15th

  • Cross Country Meet at Cleburne HS
  • FCA Meeting in Seminar C - 8:00
  • Varsity Volleyball vs. Granbury at CHS - 5:30
  • 9th B Volleyball vs. Granbury at CHS - 5:30
  • 9th A Volleyball vs. Granbury at CHS - 6:30
  • JV Volleyball vs. Granbury at CHS - 6:30
  • Varsity Football at Brewer - 7:30

Saturday, September 16th

  • 9th A/B Volleyball Tournament at CHS


Principal - 817.245.0259

Associate Principal - 817.245.0263

Delta House (Students Last Names A-G) - 817.245.0284

Principal - Charles Etheridge

Counselor - Ashley Aaron

Secretary - Nancy Gonzalez

Lambda House (Students Last Names H-Ph) - 817.245.0288

Principal - Scott Shaha

Counselor - Heather Chandler

Secretary - Keri Kirby

Zeta House (Students Last Names Pi-Z) - 817.245.0302

Principal - Jennifer Culpepper

Counselor - Mia Thurman

Secretary - Kenna Clark