The life of Dance !

by: Alexus Jones

Elements of Modern Dance

There are many Modern dances used today like Ballet , Bollywood , Waltz , Flamenco, Capoiera and plenty more . They are used to entertain others and for interest but besides how it looks from the audience point of view many don't know the history or background of these amazing elements .

Today i will tell you about these three Ballet , Bollywood and Capoiera .

Gallery of the Elements

The Legacy of Ballet

Ballet originated in the italian renaissance courts of the fifteenth century it later became popular in france and rome and was performed in many concerts.

A women named Catherine de Medici , a italian noble woman , a wife of henry ll and most importantly a great patron of arts who began to fund ballet in french court. She later elaborated festivals to encourage the growth of the dance. She kept informing others and decided to create a program that included many variety's of arts like dance , poetry , music and many more . This program was called Ballet de cour. Later this element of dance populated to its highest when King Louis XIV started ballet and required professional training to others . Over time it expanded all over by the nineteenth century to Paris and now to many modern known place like New york. The obvious techniques used to succeed in this element is Timing , Communication , Spatial awareness , and Concentration. Many other techniques tend to help you as well like staying fluid and elegant which plays a big role even though many artist mess up and it doesn't appear as noticeable to the audience but , technique is always the key.

The Legacy of Bollywood

Bollywood is a Indian Classical Dance , and a Folk Dance from various parts of india.

This dance includes classical arts of Kathak and Bharata.

Over the years bollywood dance has been fused with elements of Jazz , Hip-Hop , Arabic and Latin forms. Bollywood spreaded after the film and winning Oscar movie "Slumdog Millionaire " which put Bollywood in the spotlight with the help of non-Indians who are fascinated by the exotic , large life qualities that inherented this element .

Many famous stars like Britney Spears , Shakira , and Madonna use this dance on stage , in songs and in other things like videos. After Bollywood was introduced as a classical and folk dance it came upon a era which also introduced Bollywood as a Freestyle dance . Bollywood was well represented by dancers like Govina who developed their own style of dance and flavor.

Since the 1980's and the inception of MTV , Bollywood dancing has been influenced heavily by western dance styles and is incorporated from western India .

Now , in Modern days Bollywood films , musical numbers are often based on Hip-Hop style of course as well as many more variations.

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The Legacy of Capoeira

The Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira is one unusual art in the world. It has been known to develop in America. In it's 400 year years of history this art has involved and changed.

It first started as a fighting art of an oppressed to people , it later became associated with criminals and outlaws.

Capoeira was said to have come to Brazil with the arrival of the first african slaves. Most of the captured Africans were from Bantu tribes of Angola , along with South-East coast. So many tribes were force together to speak the tongue of their oppressors.

The displaced Africans brought with them games and rituals , religion , their love of music and dancing .

All of these mixed together to form the fertile ground from which Capoeira sprung.

Since the art was brought from abyss and into the public eye in the 1930's by the legendary Mestre Bimba. Bimba managed to open the first legal academy in 1932,

which the Brazilian government recognized in 1937. When a group of students seen Bimba perform Capoeira they introduced it to the Afro-Brazilian culture.