The Ness Family Knows How to Party


Be there or be square

Christmas may have been cancelled in other parts of the country, aka Clear Lake, Indiana, but it is alive and well at 333 East Parent Avenue, Royal Oak, MI.


Tuesday, Dec. 24th, 9am

333 E Parent Ave

Royal Oak, MI

The days events include food prep, cooking, decorating and lots of eating. The evening will include silliness, laughter, random guests, game playing and lots of eating. This will be followed by a reading of classic Christmas literature, and not enough sleep. The festivities will continue the following morning with lots of coffee enjoyed by ALL, the opening of presents, bacon and little smokies. The remainder of the day's schedule is yet to be determined but is sure to include lots of eating.


9:00: Rise and Shine

9:45: Step Class at LA Fitness

11:00: Cooking, Eating and Fun begins

12:00 am: Reading

9:00: Rise and Shine

All Day Fun!