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Introducing Duncan Tonatiuh

From www.teachingbooks.net: My father's American and one of his grandfathers, my great grandfather, was Scottish. Duncan is a very Scottish name. I believe it means dark warrior or brown fighter. My mother is Mexican and I was born and grew up in Mexico. In Mexico, Duncan is pronounced, "Dooncan." I like being called 'Duncan' in English and 'Dooncan' in Spanish. Tonatiuh is the name of the Aztec God of the Sun. It is my middle name but I like to sign my books Duncan Tonatiuh because I feel it represents me better. My artwork is very much inspired by ancient Mexican art, like that of the Aztecs, Mayas and Mixtecs. My full name is Duncan Tonatiuh Smith Hernandez.

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Duncan's Schedule with HCPSS

Monday, March 16: Gorman Crossing ES/Talbott Springs ES
Tuesday, March 17: Hanover Hills ES/Laurel Woods ES

Wednesday, March 18: Clemens Crossing ES

Thursday, March 19: Pointers Run ES

Friday, March 20: Forest Ridge ES