Healthy Eating !

By Sarah Abbott

Is Bournside School really that healthy !?!

In this flyer I am trying to promote a healthy lifestyle at Bournside !

When i walk into the Quad i see people shoving multiple chocolate bars and sugars in their mouths.If only they could see whats happening on the inside . In a standard chocolate bar there is a mug full of sugar and flavorings.You need a balaced diet to live longer and have a more active life.In 30 years time which would you rather,a)To be 30 stone stuck at home not enjoying life or b) being active living life when you still have a chance ! So which one, personally i would go for b).Also in the schools 5 canteens i notice the options arent the healthiest etc.Cheesy garlic bread,Chicken burgers and pizza mabye a little more healther !

Fruit in the school Canteen should be reduced to free instead of 40p !

So...Fruit !

Fruit is really healthy for you and is really nice ! You don't always have to eat 5-a day ,but just make it more common in you're lifestyle !

Here are some examples of fruits:


Hopefully this flyer has changed your lifestyle as it has mine ! So eat more Fruit and kick out the sugar and Fats