6 Traits of Writing

By: Brody Hawtrey

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Choose a topic that interests you the most.

Make sure you include details such as facts, statistic, example, and thoughts.


  • Topic sentence
  • Main ideas
  • Tell me mores
  • Conclusion


  • Speak with a proud voice
  • Don't put the book, poem, or paper in front of your face

Word choice

Always use specific nouns and verbs.

Also use exciting adjectives and adverbs.

Sentence Fluencey

Combine short sentences with long sentences.

Use a variety of sentence beginnings.


Edit using your C.O.P.S methods.

6 Traits of Writing- a photostory
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Writing process


gathering ideas for your topic


your planning and researching things that fit your topic

Compose or your sloppy copy

your first paper that has problems on it


you're breaking down your patterns in your writing


you're rewriting your paper making it more enthusiastic


correcting your mistakes making changes to words and sentences

Publishing or Sharing

you fixed every mistake you made and now you're ready to share with your class or business
Writing Process

Write Tools

T table

a set of facts put into columns

then green at the bottom

Core 4 topic sentences

Simple statement

Number statement



Transitions/ Main ideas

the beginning of a new paragraph


detail or tell me mores

giving more infomation

Conclusion sentences

The ending of what you know or found out

Color scheme

Topic sentence (green)

Main Ideas (yellow)

Tell me mores (pink)

Conclusion sentence (green)