Gender Inequality in Sport

The main reasons why women were treated not equal y is because they were perceived as weak and not capable of withstanding the demands of exercise and that sport was harmful to their health.

And women continue to be discriminated, for example in Augusta National Golf Club in US is still not allowing women to take part in golf at their venue. This lead to strong opposition by national women’s organisation and women’s rights activists. However progression is being made in different sports, for example 250 years old Royal & Ancient Club in Scotland has changed their policies and women were allowed to play at Open Championships in 2005. Another example of gender inequality is ski jumping. First women reported dates back to 1911 and although women ski jumping was organised by the leading governing body of International Ski Federation (FIS) thought the years, on 26th of May, 2006 it was included into World Championship programme. However woman’s ski jumping was not a part of Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.