Written by: Brady Bossell

Do you want to play chess? Try it, because chess is fun! Everybody should learn to play chess because you can use your mind to play tricks on your opponent so you can get them in checkmate. Checkmate means that the king can't move anywhere else unless the king moves and dies. That is how you can win a chess game. Kids can start playing at age five or up. Chess is really fun and many people play until they are really old. Did you know that chess is the oldest skill game in the world and many centuries old? There are six different chess pieces They are called a pawn, rook, knight,bishop, queen and the king. To correctly set up a chess board you put the pawns in front, the rooks in the corners, the knight goes next to the rook, the bishop goes next to the knight, the queen goes on the opposite color they are, and the king goes on its own color. At the end, each player has two rows of chess pieces. If you like this book and find chess interesting, then call me up to play a fun game of chess.