kyliana's GOALS

Cannad's 5th grade 2015

my strengths and weaknesses

my strengths are acting. These are my strengths because iv been practicing in mad/drama and also in school plays

my strengths and weaknesses

my weakness is math because.....i don't practice it that much and don't really study for it unless it is a test my strength is writing because i like writing feelings that i have and i like to express my creativity

Goals for this year

My language arts goal is to make ether 5 a's or more.My math goal is to keep studying to get better at division and to learn more math for this year.My social studies goal is to learn more about american history and be SMART!!!My science goal is to light up the little light bulb in my head and keep working hard.

personal goal for this year

My personal for this year is to make it to 6th grade and i will work on this goal by studying more,making good grades,and to keep working hard!Another goal that i have is to keep working hard and get a lot of a

who can help me?

One person who can help me is my Mom,and my teachers they can help me by studying getting good grades and making it to 6th grade.

what might distract me....

something that might distract me is getting bad grades and playing while the teachers are teaching what you have to do for homework.