Macbeth Smore


Cole McCue

Danley 1st

Macbeth Smore 3

October 14, 2015

Partly Cloudy

Peachtree Ridge

B hall

Room 101

Seat 6


Macbeth was a a character who showed many signs of being a flawed hero. He was very easily influenced, especially by his evil, power-lusting wife. Macbeth was so easily influenced; he was convinced into killing his own cousin for power. After being influenced to kill Banquo, the start of his downfall began.

An anti-hero does not necessarily mean they are the villain. They are actually heroic. A good example is Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451. Montag is a normal character who ends up rebelling against a dystopian government. He refuses to burn the books and even kills his boss (spoiler alert). Montag has to go through horrible things in order to succeed and change society. Montag was brain washed by his peers and the government to not think for him and to think he was free. After rebelling, he understood what it meant to be free, away from society and to realize what the oppressive government was doing to people.