Bicycle Injuries

Payton Grooms

Leading causes of bicycle accidents/injuries

Bicycle accidents and or injuries can happen to people at any age, some people could be not paying attention and fall off, they could be just coming off of training wheels and not know what they're doing yet, or somebody could also lose control of the bike and accidentally run in front of a car. Most injuries occur in males and are associated with riding at high speeds, but most serious injuries and fatalities result from collisions with motor vehicles, as I mentioned above. Although superficial soft tissue injuries and musculo skeletal trauma are the most common injuries, head injuries are responsible for most fatalities and long-term disabilities.
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How can we prevent these accidents from happening?

A couple of ways we can prevent "smaller" injuries from happening is we can start to make our children wear protection gear while riding the bike. We also need to start warning our children about the things that could happen if they were to fall off. Ways to prevent big accidents, like collisions with cars. Is to tell the children, if they see a car, ride your bike with the traffic. Because if they start to drive towards the traffic, or try to go around it they could come around a corner and hit a car head on. We also need to make sure to tell them that they need to stay in an area that their parents can still see them, or have the parents outside with them while they're riding.

What should we do if our child gets hurt?

If your child is on his or her bicycle, and happens to fall off or hurt themselves, you should always have some sort of first-aid kit. If they fall of and say they scrape their knee, you should automatically get peroxide, a cotton ball and a band aid. That's the first thing you should apply to a cut or scrape. Now if the child has a serious injury, like he has collided with a car, you should immediately rush to the ER, or if the child seems to be okay, at least call them to see if you should bring them in or not.
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In this article, it is quite a sad story. A women was severely injured in a bicycle accident. She was air cared to the hospital, come to find out. The man working on the air care team, working as a responder, was talking to his wife.