Glenholme School Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 6, 25th November 2021

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Principal Message

Kia ora koutou,

It is that time of the year when we start preparing for the end of the year.

On Friday morning we will have our last normal school assembly. At this assembly the 2022 Young Leaders will be announced. We will also have the ESOL Award presentation and the Thompson Hockey Trophy presentation. Planning is well underway for our prize giving ceremonies.

This week, Whakapoungakau Team was fortunate to have the swimming instructors from the Making the Difference Swimming Programme who worked with them everyday. We thank them for their wonderful support of Glenholme School. They will return next year to work with the students in Tihiōtonga Team.

Next week we farewell Deb Taylor who has worked with many of you and your children as they have entered school on the Pikopiko Programme. Deb has been an amazing teacher who is a fountain of knowledge and information. She has done a marvellous job. She is now going to retire, which is well deserved and we wish her well. Next year we welcome Amy Earle to our staff and she will continue the Pikopiko programme here at Glenholme School.

Finally a huge THANK YOU to Karen and Adam Jefferies who have supplied balloons for our Principal Award winners for the last couple of years. This has been a generous gift to the school every fortnight. I am sure you will know exactly what I am talking about as your child will have come home with one of their balloon creations.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

NEXT CHAPTER PARENTING offering Individual, or group, PARENTING SESSIONS via Zoom.

Eight one hourly sessions, weekly at a time convenient to you, available
Topics covered include Communication, Empathy, Setting Limits, Quality
Time, Consequences, Choices, Redirection, Pick your battles with your
child, Problem Behaviour, Praise vs Acknowledgement, Time In vs Time
Out, The Pause, Erickson’s Stages of Growth, Personality Types and how
it affects your children. WINZ funding assistance where eligible.
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ImpACT-Mental Health

At ImpACT-Mental Health we work with many schools, parents, children, teenagers and educators, who enjoy our Resilience based education programmes, as well as providing one to one coaching packages.

Covid, Lockdowns and our rapidly changing world appear to be causing higher states of anxiety and a decline in overall mental health, for our youth and adults alike.

We thought we would take this opportunity to share with you our latest blog - 'Building Resilience in Children during Lockdown and Life', which has appeared in the media and is being shared by schools.

Parents are eager for more tools, strategies and techniques to help them in the area of Mental Health. That is why we have converted our usual parent presentation - Preparing for the Teen Years it's Never Too Early!!! into a webinar.

Parents tell us that the three biggest issues they want to avoid during the teen years are Mental Health, Breakdown in Communication/Relationships, and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms (addiction, avoidance, self-harm).

ImpACT-Mental Health aims to empower Primary Parents with strategies to build solid foundations in their children NOW in order to build resilient, autonomous teens who are prepared with tools to face whatever life throws at them.

Here is the link to our upcoming webinar if you would like to share it with your school community. If you would like some references from other schools, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with details.

As authors of HATE MYSELF HATE MY LIFE - A Guide to finding self-confidence and inner-love, mums of 4 children each. With a combined 35 years experience in RESILIENCE education, raising teenagers as a boarding house mistress, teaching in prisons, running ultramarathons, and coaching teens and parents, we are passionate about helping parents and educators in all areas of mental health.

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Pre Enrolments

Five Year Old New Entrant Pre–Enrolments Glenholme School welcomes new arrivals to the school. Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during the year should notify the school to assist the school to plan appropriately for the next terms. We would like to encourage parents to contact Mrs Molly Norton (Deputy Principal) to confirm future student enrolments. To help determine future classroom placements, it is vital that the school has as much information as possible about future students. Enrolment forms are available at the school office or you can contact Mrs Norton Deputy Principal 348-1489 ext 203 or email Glenholme School.

Change of Address or Contact Phone Numbers

If you have any change of address or new phone numbers please let the office know as soon as possible. These are required to be kept up to date due to any urgent situation or sickness that may develop. · School office phone: 3481489 or txt 0212455214

NZ Uniforms Temporary Store Closure 13th December 2021

I am reaching out to let you know we will be closed for staff training on the morning of Monday the 13th of December, and opening at 1.30pm until 5pm. Normal hours from Tuesday 14th.

This is key time we spend with our new recruits to ensure they are as equipped as possible to help your families get the right products.

Please reach out with any queries otherwise we will see your families when we reopen!

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat 9am-4pm | Sun Closed

Rotorua: 07 282 2023 | 1302 Ranolf Street, Rotorua, 3010

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School Payments

To keep up with digitization and the increasing demand for safe payment options, Glenholme School prefers payments to be way of eft-pos and online banking methods. Online transactions provide a safe and convenient way for parents/caregivers to keep track of your childrens' school-related finances.


  • 01 December - Wednesday - Pukehangi Celebration Day
  • 10 December - Friday - Whakapoungakau Fun Day
  • 10 December - Friday - 10am Pukehangi Team Award Ceremony
  • 13 December - Monday - 9.30am Tihiōtonga Team Award Ceremony
  • 13 December - Monday - 11.30am Whakapoungakau Team Award Ceremony
  • 14 December - Tuesday - Last day of Term 4 (12.30 close)

These dates are for your information. Due to Covid-19 restrictions unfortunately for celebrations and assemblies we are unable to have parents/caregivers on the school grounds.

School Gates


8.30am – 9.10am/2.45pm - 3.10pm

Miller Street entrance is available for use:

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 9.30am

Monday to Friday 2.30pm – 3.30pm

DO NOT PARK IN THE SCHOOL DRIVE as this is a tow away area.