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Newsletter - Term 2, Issue 8 , 10 June 2021


As calendar dates can be subject to change, please always confirm events by checking our website -

8 June

  • Board and P&F Meeting @ 6pm

11 June

  • School Assembly @ 8.45am. Year 1-6 Cross Country Medals presented.

11 & 14 June

  • School Photos

12 & 13 June

  • Confirmation Masses

15 June

  • Cyber Safety Parent Workshop 6pm in the Hall

18 June

  • Confirmation Retreat (Year 6)
  • Merit Assembly @ 8.40am

19 & 20 June

  • Confirmation Masses


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Sacrament of Confirmation

“The Holy Spirit illuminates the minds of people, makes us yearn for God, and takes spiritual truth and makes it understandable to us.” –Billy Graham

This weekend and the next, our students in Year 6, celebrate the receiving of the Holy Spirit.

In Baptism, we receive seven special gifts from the Holy Spirit. These gifts are freely given to us to help us live as followers of Jesus and to build up the Body of Christ, the Church. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are sealed and strengthened within us at Confirmation.

These seven gifts help us to respond to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, to make good choices, and to serve God and others.

Wisdom is the gift of knowing the right choices to make to live a holy life. The gift of wisdom helps you to avoid the things that could lead you away from God.
Understanding is the gift of comprehension, or the ability to grasp the meaning of the teachings of the Church. The gift of understanding helps you be tolerant and sympathetic of others. It helps you sense when someone is hurting or in need of compassion.
Right Judgment, or Counsel, is the gift of prudence. The gift of right judgment helps you make choices to live as a faithful follower of Jesus.
Courage, or Fortitude, is the gift that helps you stand up for your faith in Christ. The gift of courage helps you overcome any obstacles that would keep you from practicing your faith.
Knowledge is the gift of knowing and enlightenment. The gift of knowledge enables you to choose the right path that will lead you to God. It encourages you to avoid obstacles that will keep you from him.
Reverence, or Piety, is the gift of confidence in God. This gift of reverence inspires you to joyfully want to serve God and others.
Wonder and Awe, or Fear of the Lord is the gift of wonder and respect that encourages you to be in awe of God. The gift of wonder and awe moves you to so love God that you do not want to offend him by your words or actions.

Many people misunderstand the identity of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is commonly thought of as an impersonal force. Some people think of it as a healing or protective power to which God gives a believer access. But what does the Bible say about the Holy Spirit? Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is not just an impersonal power or a force, but a person – the third person of the Trinity, in fact. The Holy Spirit is God Himself.

The Holy Spirit is a beautiful and powerful part of who God is. We need Him in our life as a conduit to become who God created us to be, and through His power we have aid in all situations. Without Him, we are powerless.

Lord, we offer you all our Year 6 students these two following weekends. Fill their hearts and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit in each of their lives, so they will learn to live in the way you have called them, and to be empowered to make a difference in this world. Amen.

Service Day

Teachers participated in a Service Day on Friday, June 2. Part of our Evangelisation Policy requires that all year levels this year, including staff participate in Service. Staff chose different charities such as St Vinnies, Fostering Hope, Baking and visiting the Elderly, Victory Over Addiction, Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren, Gardening for the Vulnerable, Brother Ollie’s Wheelchair for kids and assisting with some families within the parish. We came together for shared lunch as a staff, then finished the day with celebrating mass and sharing our experiences of services within the community. Thank you to Fr Stephen for celebrating the Mass.

Fluency Focus

A summary of that recent research in fluency teaching, concluded that such teaching was beneficial to a child’s reading development by a wide range of measures. Kids who received fluency instruction simply read better than those who did not. These outcomes were obtained with children in regular classrooms (Grades 1-4) and with struggling readers (Grades 1-12). Fluency work is likely most helpful as the consolidation or automaticity stages of decoding development (e.g., Ehri & Wilce, 1985). Kids aren’t memorising sight words as much as they are developing an understanding how to use phonetic/orthographic cues in word reading.

Not surprisingly, there is a particularly strong relationship between oral reading fluency and reading comprehension during the primary grades (Sabatini, et al., 2018). Why teach fluency? Because at different points in a reader’s development it makes important contributions to understanding how print works, to consolidating and automising decoding skills, and to helping readers to figure out how to go from print to prosody. But, basically, the reason I support it is because there are a substantial number of reasonably persuasive studies showing that such instruction enhances reading achievement—the only reason any instructional routine should be adopted.

For more information, please click here.

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School Photos

School Photographs are scheduled for Friday, 11 June and Monday, 14 June in the Dance Hall.

Please check the Newsletter for the class photo timetable. Sibling photos will be taken before and after school on both days.

All students should be dressed in the Full School Winter Uniform for their photo day. Should your child have sport on either of these days they are permitted to change into their runners for the duration of the sport lesson. There is NO NEED to bring their sports uniform to change into.

I am aware that not all students will have their Winter School Jumper as they are temporarily unavailable from the Uniform Shop. IF YOU DO HAVE ONE PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHILD IS WEARING HIS/HER JUMPER ON THE DAY.

Please ensure that all students follow the expectations of school uniform guidelines for our school.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the office on 9306 6600.

Please click here for the Uniform Policy.

Have a weekend filled with laughter, joy, peace and fun!

God Bless,

Maura Killalea

Acting Principal


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This Tuesday is our next Cyber Safety Parent Night. Please place the 15th of June in your diaries for this worthwhile parent workshop. Thank you to our incredible P&F who are sponsoring this event so that parents can attend for free. We look forward to seeing you all there. Please RSVP by clicking here.

School Photos

School photos will be held on tomorrow, the 11th June and Monday 14th June. 3P photography will be facilitating this day for us. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact 3P directly. Please don't forget to send your child's photo envelope to school on the day. All students are to wear their full school winter uniform on Friday. If they have sport on the same day they are welcome to pack their sport shoes in their bags.


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Congratulations Mrs Peach!

Mrs Peach has been blessed with her 5th grandchild this week! Welcome to the world, Miss Layla Rachael Peach. Congratulations to Matt, Caitlin and all the Peach family!

Staff Spotlight- Have you met Mrs Biagi?

Mrs Biagi is an Education Assistant working in our TSH Team here at St Luke's. You will see her in and out of classrooms. Here is a little bit about Mrs Biagi:

About me:

I live with my husband Sean and my two children Amelia and Luca. We only have a pet goldfish called Scotty, but if it was up to my daughter we would have adopted many many dogs from the park.

Travel: Sean and I loved travelling (pre-kids/pre-global pandemic) and our favourite trips have been Italy and Japan. These days we head to Busselton or Rottnest on the school holidays and enjoy going to the beach and bike riding with the kids.

Interesting fact: I climbed Mount Kinabalu (4,095m) which is the highest mountain in Malaysia!

Interests: I studied dance many years ago and while I don't take classes anymore I do love going to the theatre to watch dance shows and musicals. The latest show I have tickets for is Westside Story.

Food: I love going out for a yummy pasta and glass of red. I will never say no to chocolate!


Look who’s on Insta!

You can follow my adventures at St Luke’s:


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If you have some great news to share or any achievements, we would love to hear from you so that we can share it in our newsletter:

Have a fabulous week!

Sarah Williams & Justin Kirry


Kid's Bulletin

Click here for this week's Kid's Bulletin.

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For the benefit of your child, students and staff in preventing the spread of illnesses / viruses, if your child is unwell it would be appreciated if you would not send your child to school. You must keep your child at home and away from others.

Remember, if you are sick please maintain physical distancing from other parents and teachers when attending school, including when dropping off and picking up your children.

Thank you


Year 4 St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal - THANK YOU!

Thank you, to the whole school community for your very generous support of the Year 4, St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. Travice von Bergheim, our parish St Vincent de Paul member, will be accepting the donations at this Friday's assembly.


Bread Bags

There’s only 4 weeks left of collecting bread bags and tags! Please bring any bread bags and tags to the collection box outside the Library.

STEM Classroom Cash

In Saturday’s West Australian newspaper on June 5th, 12th & 19th, there will be an entry coupon for STEM Classroom Cash (it was on p. 30 last week). Please collect as many coupons as you can and bring them to the Science Room (at the back of the Library). We can use these coupons to win a share of $25,000 for the school’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) budget.

Mrs Tania Farcich



Welcome to another exciting week at St Luke’s CPS! The term is running along fast and after our mini mid-term rest, we look forward to everything still to come!

Firstly, we wanted to include the information for our upcoming Father Son Camp. We wish all the happy campers a wonderful and safe time away and we can not wait to see all the adventures that will be had.


The camp begins from 5pm, Friday, 25 June until 3pm, Sunday, 27 June.

Where Is It?

Please have a look at for instructions how to get there. We have booked Timbarra Lodge, sleeps 80x.

What to Bring

Sleeping bag, pillow, torch, all food, warm clothes and possibly a spare set plus any games that the campers wish to play.

All cutlery, crockery, barbeque, and full kitchen facilities are supplied.

Canoes will be group booked as normal. Available Saturday, 26 June.


Everyone is required to do their share. Please do your own dishes and lend a hand to sweep and tidy up before you leave.


Firewood will be supplied to reflect the duration of the booking and the time of year. Should this allocation be exhausted, additional firewood will be available at the group’s expense, approximately $6.00 per 20kg bag.

I am sure we will all have an enjoyable weekend. Any queries, please email or 9309 6649 after 5pm

Direct campsite phone number is (08) 95381300 for anyone who might lose their way!

Children attending the camp must be currently attending St Luke’s Primary School, siblings who are no longer attending St Luke’s Primary School are not permitted to attend.


*The St Luke’s P & F require the following position filled ASAP*

After volunteering this semester so amazingly well we would like to thank Karen Adderscott for filling the secretary role for our P & F. Next semester Karen and her family are relocating overseas for work, and we wish them every success for this new adventure.

The P & F secretary position involves:

*Preparing the agenda for P & F meetings held twice a term.

*Taking minutes for these meetings and distributing them.

*Monitoring emails weekly.

*Collecting mail from St Luke’s reception.

Karen is more than happy to do a handover session before she leaves at the end of July. If you have any queries regarding the position or would like to volunteer for this special and necessary work for our school community, please email or speak to Kathryn Peake or Karen Adderscott.

Just a reminder for the Kangaroo Café, please have orders in by Thursday 11pm for the following Monday. If you need to cancel your order ON THE MORNING of canteen (Mondays) please text Mez on 0401000916. Thanks again to Mez and all the volunteers for serving our school through the Kangaroo Café.

Over these next two weekends the P & F would like to wish all Year 6 students making their Confirmation a wonderful time as they celebrate receiving this beautiful sacrament with their family and friends. May the gifts of the Holy Spirit remain with you always.


Finally, as a reward to all parents and carers for getting through the longest term ever and to celebrate our school community the P & F are hosting a BOGAN BINGO NIGHT. Don’t worry about sorting those book week costumes just yet, get the old bogan gear out! Lock in Friday, 6 August for a fun night for staff, parents, carers and 18+ friends. More information will be available soon.


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Music tuition in Term 2 will be offered in guitar, piano, flute, violin and cello through Keyed Up Music at St Luke’s. Lessons can be arranged during school time or after school where available. To enrol your child, please visit and fill out the online enrolment form. Information regarding lessons and fees can be found on the website.

Drums continue to be taught by Mr Christian Lombardi 0451 422 769


The WA Department of Health is funding the Better Health Program in the Perth metropolitan region. The ten week program is available to families both face-to-face and online and we need your help to get the word out to the local community! We are currently accepting registrations.

What is the Better Health Program?

The Better Health Program is a free, healthy lifestyle program for families.The program is evidence-based and is developed and delivered by qualified health professionals to support families with making sustainable health changes. Children (and their families) are eligible to participate in the program if they are:

· Aged 7-13 years

· Above a healthy weight

In Term 3 Face-to-face program locations include:

· Herb Graham Recreation Centre Mirrabooka, Tuesdays commencing 20th of July 2021

· George Burnett Leisure Centre Karawara, Wednesdays commencing 21st of July 2021

· Rebound Arena Port Kennedy, Thursdays commencing 22nd of July 2021

Note: Additional locations to be announced shortly!

For those unable to attend a face-to-face program, the online program includes:

· Weekly interactive modules

· Weekly phone coaching support with a health professional

· Lots of freebies (including a garmin fitness tracker and other great resources)

· Prizes

Benefits to families:

· Learn about healthy habits in a fun and engaging way

· Support and resources to establish healthy habits

· Flexible program delivery - Face-to-face in the community or online

What can you do to help?

We'd be very grateful if you could spread the word about the program! Please see our promotional resources kit (attached). This contains both print and digital resources that you could share around the school, in your newsletter or via social media.

If you would like further information about the program, please don't hesitate to reach out via email, call us on 1300 822 953 or visit our website here.

With thanks,

Chris Vavakis

WA Project Manager

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Please Support Our Sponsors

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