The Trumpeter Swan

by Lauren Belter

An Endangered Species

The Trumpeter Swan once bred throughout all of Alberta, but by the mid 1900's, they neared extinction. There was very little wintering habitat left for the birds, and little food as well during the cold months. Many will die during this time, or be very near to death come spring. Other threats to the swans are hunters, enviroment changes, and lead poisoning. It is not clear exactly how many swans are out in the wild today, but the number is around 1000. This population must continue to rise if the swans are to escape the vunerability of being endangered.

The Swans Still Need Your Help!!!

What can I Do for the Trumpeter Swan??

By going to, or any other site that helps the animals, you can donate money, "adopt" a swan, and learn more about the threats facing the swans today. You can also help just by simply taking care of the enviroment. Don't pollute any rivers or streams, recycle instead of trashing stuff. As well, many cygnets, baby swans, won't survive the hatching and birth, because of lead poisoning affecting thier eggs, and adults can swallow lead pellets and become poisoned, so anything to prevent that will help a great deal with bringing back the beautiful Trumpeter Swan.

The Trumpeter Swan

The swans are making a comeback, and growing farther away from extinction every year. But they still need help. Any effort to help the ecosystem is an effort to save the swans, and all the other animals that are endangered in Alberta, and everywhere else.