by zack

What a farmer does

A farmer does many jobs like cultivating ground, planting corn, wheat, soybeans, and hay, combining corn, wheat, and soybeans,
and chopping hay and corn. Also taking care of animals like cows and milking them.

Why I choose this career

I choose it because I am a farmer and I love to farm.

Skills you need to now to Farm

You need to know how to operate machines and how to milk cows.

Education needed to obtain this career (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling

No degree need you just need lots of money to run a farm to pay for equipment and pay hired workers. Farmers get there knowing from there parents who are farmers and other farmers.

Branch of science

Farming is Physical science. Because you have lots of machines and moving parts on a farm.

Something I found interesting about farming

That you can drive cool tractors and show cows at the fair.