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OneNote Class Notebook - Getting Started

OneNote Class Notebook Overview

The OneNote Class Notebook is a teacher driven tool that allows teachers to establish a notebook that they can share with students.

Through the notebook, the teacher has access to each student notebook from one location and students have access to their individual notebook in addition to a class collaboration space and a content the teacher shares through a content library.

The Class Notebook can be used for many things including: project management, class notes, and as a collaboration space for students working on a project together.

Because teachers have access to each student's notebooks, they can also use it as a formative assessment tool to track progress towards learning goals and to give feedback, either written or audio recorded.

Although Class Notebooks can be set up through teacher webmail on a mobile device, like an iPad, it is easiest to set it up through a computer.

If you don't already have it, teachers will need to download OneNote to their computer (Click free download) as well as a Class Notebook Add In (Click Download the Class Notebook Add In) so you have the helpful menus specifically for Class Notebook.

In this guide, see videos that show you how to:
  • Create the Class Notebook on your desktop computer
  • Move around in the Notebook
  • Insert Content into the Content Library
  • How to Create a PDF
  • How to Distribute Content to students
  • How to Share Content with Students
  • iPad View for Students

How to Create a OneNote Class Notebook

OneNote Classroom: Creating a Notebook

Overview of Class Notebook

OneNote Classroom: Overview of Features

How to Insert Content in Content Library

OneNote Classroom: Inserting Documents in Content Library

How to Create a PDF

Converting a document to PDF

How to Distribute Content in Class Notebook

OneNote Classroom: Distribute Content

Share the Notebook with Students

OneNote Classroom: Share Notebook

Student iPad View

Navigating in your OneNote Class Notebook - iPad

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