American Government and US History

Class Reminders and Tips!

Our Next Sychronous Session will be on January 21st at 8:00pm!


Please join us on January 21st at 8:00pm for our next class synchronous session. Attendance is optional but recommended! We will discuss GaVS expectations and look at a few of the features of the course to help you get started. This is a great time to ask questions!

If you are unable to join us, the recording link will be posted under "User Links" within each course. You may go back and watch the meeting at your convenience.

Synchronous sessions that cover the same topics will be held on January 21st, February 4th, and February 18th.

Office Hours begin January 14th at 8:00pm and will continue on alternative weeks through February 25th. Please don't hesitate to stop in and ask questions!

Synchronous Session meeting link:

Tips For Success in An Online Course!

  1. Follow the course schedule. This will allow you to space out assignments instead of cramming to turn them in at the last minute. (It will also make it easier to retain information that we've covered over the two week stretch.)
  2. Take Notes! As you read through the modules and reading assignments, write down important topics, concepts, events, people etc.
  3. Think about the material as you are taking notes. Say it to yourself as you are writing it down.
  4. Print assignments, activities, and notes. Organize them in a folder. Review before exams.
  5. Log into the course daily. Check for updates! Learn about the extra resources that are often shared on the News pages of the course.
  6. Participate in discussions throughout the week. Look to see if anyone has responded to your post. Provide specific feedback on other students' posts. Be an active user.
  7. Be proactive. Plan ahead!
  8. On short answer exams, plan your response on paper ahead of time. (US History only)
  9. Having a difficult time understanding a concept? Use Google, Yahoo, AltaVista etc. to clarify information. There are many different types of resources on the web that can help clarify a concept or topic. Use them to your advantage!
  10. Don't be afraid to email or page your teacher. I am here to help you succeed!!!

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