The Empty Bowl

By : Allison Lau

Koalau Krystal Cow Would Not Fill the Plates With Chow!

Koalau Krystal Cow

Would not fill the plates with chow!

"Gurgle! " roared our empty stomachs,

But she ignored and lay on the small hummock.

She would swim in an ocean that looked like tar

And take on a spar with the most bizarre.

But even though her family would scream for her chow,

She never took a bow to that vow.

The plates were an empty hole

And her heart was bituminous coal towards filling the bowl.

But when the shouts and hunger became so great,

Koalau Cow agreed to place food on the plate.

But by the time she cooked by force,

The crowd was hungry enough to eat a horse.

She shed a bucket of sweat to create a feast

For the starving beasts.

But when the people began to eat like an ox,

The taste was like opening Pandora's Box.