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Week of November 14, 2021

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Dates to Remember

  • 11/5/21 (Report Cards Sent Home)
  • 11/12/21 (No School for Students)
  • 11/17/21 (Early Release @ 2:15pm)
  • 11/24/21-11/26/21 (No School)
  • 12/20/21-1/2/22 (No School)

Early Release Wednesday

The next few early release Wednesday dates are:
  • 11/17/21
  • 12/1/21
  • 12/15/21

Kindness Campaign (November)

During the month of November, students will be focusing on kindness. Here is a short video about kindness.

Masks Are Required

Masks are required in all School District of Beloit buildings at all times. Ways you can help at home:

  • Make sure your child is bringing a mask to school each day.
  • Remind students that they must wear their mask over their nose and mouth.

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Important Student Reminders: Food & Beverage

  • Water in Classrooms: Only water is allowed in classrooms throughout the day. This includes bringing beverages into the school building in the morning. Students will be asked to throw out any beverages before they enter the school.
  • Food at School: Food is not allowed outside the cafeteria. We have been seeing a lot of students with food in the hallways and outside. Students will be asked to throw away their food if they are seen eating it outside of the cafeteria.
  • Food Delivery: Students are not allowed to have food delivered to school (whether it is ordered by a parent or a student). If food arrives at the front office for a student, the delivery driver and the food will not be allowed to enter the building.
  • Food Sharing: Students are not allowed to share food at school. If a student is bringing food for lunch, that food can not be shared with any other students.

Safety Spotlight- Keeping Hands to Self

Each month, we would like to highlight and bring attention to some things that we are seeing throughout the school day that may affect student health and safety.

105 - Horseplay: Conduct or behavior that does not cause injury but interferes with or disrupts the orderly process of the school environment, a school function or extracurricular/co-curricular activity.

We are seeing a lot of students engaging in horseplay outside at recess, in the hallways and in classrooms. Please talk with your child and remind them to keep their hands to themselves at all times throughout the school day.