HR Week at a Glance

Week of October 23

Week at Glance

Monday, October 23

NISD College and Career Fair

Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 24

New Hire Orientation 8:30-10:30

Wednesday, October 25

Frisco AppliTrack Training - Cecilia and Terri

Team Meeting - 1:00

Thursday, October 26

Guest Educator Orientation

Outlet Mall VIP Event

Friday, October 27

Tarleton Mock Interviews - Missy

Outlet Mall Officially Open!

HR Happenings

  • Don't forget to order your Bistro Family Meal by noon TODAY!
  • We are adding a second spring event centered around retaining our employees. It will be similar to a transfer job fair, but much more relaxed. Stay tuned for details!
  • Thank you to ALL you did to keep the department running smoothly in our absence. You are appreciated!
  • Check out some of the photos from the NEF Golf Tournament last week.
  • Add your ideas to the Winter Wonderland Hallway Party Idea google doc.

Texas Delegation at AASPA

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