STEM++ Based Authentic Leadership

NEXT Steps STEM++ Education For Underserved Youth

We define success as when an underserved youth becomes an authentic leader!

An underserved youth is one with special needs regardless of income, ethnicity and gender. When we help them become authentic leaders, they enter institutions of higher education, acquire the necessary skillsets to effectively enter the workforce, or start a business. Our goal is to make this the norm rather than the exception!

NEXT Steps empowers underserved youth to overcome their immediate challenges and become authentic leaders. We do this by providing them with STEM++ based educational building blocks -- learning activities and experiences in science, technology, engineering, math and humanities. Through our multi-year holistic commitments, NEXT Steps provide youth with necessary resources and paid internships for their journey to authentic leadership.

The Path To Sustainability Through Multi-Year Commitments

Support for Next Steps is primarily derived from donations and performance based marketing activities.We prefer multi-year donation commitments in order to provide our donors with measurement metrics that gauge our success and produce better results for marketers. Funding from donations and marketing allows our food programs to market organic foods and health and wellness information for proven treatments of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

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