The Wonders of Cambodia

Explore the wonders of culture, food and entertainment.

Why come to Cambodia?

Cambodia offers the greatest diversity in culture and many savor food. There are many sports that you can learn and master. Come to experience a whole new world. Many Extraordinary landmarks to go to. Do not miss out on a land full of marvelous sights and culture. You will regret it.

How to travel in Cambodia

1. Translate/Talk in language Khmer

2. Travel around in trains, boats and our upgraded roads

3. Get guidebooks in hotels and restaurants

4. Look for famous temples

5. Use JCB and Visa credit cards

Nature of Cambodia

Tonle Sap

The Tonle Sap is a small lake in Cambodia. I might be small but it is one of the greatest places to fish, canoe, and more. The Tonle Sap is one of the most important lake in Cambodia. Schools, Shops, and Pig farms all depend on the water there. The lake is clean and clear blue. The river sometimes gets strong and make the lake go in the opposite direction making it a natural reservoir.

The White Sandy Beaches

The White Sandy Beaches of Cambodia is a marvelous sight to relax. It is located right by the Gulf of Thailand. The beach also holds beach resorts. The Along the white sand beaches are also some undeveloped tropical islands. Stay here to have fun while relaxing.