Marine Ecosystem

By: Maggie Jonny and Emery

What is our ecosystem?

Our ecosystem is the ocean! The oceanic ecosystem is one of the most polluted ecosystems but its so large that we don't notice how much were polluting it. Coral reefs are bleaching and dying, animals are becoming extinct because of failing food chains because of our pollution.

Explanation of Our EcoSystem

The Oceanic Ecosystem has a variety of fish and animals. Most of the animals are fish, there are also mammals like dolphins and some birds. The marine Ecosystem is the one of the largest on the planet. Recently do to pollution the ecosystem is in danger of becoming very small. Because of Pollution Coral reefs all over the ocean are becoming increasingly smaller. Humans are the main reason for The pollution, Oil is most of the thing causing the pollution.

How does Biodiversity effect our ecosystem?

The ocean is very diverse in the way of variety of life that thrives in the ocean today. The ocean is the worlds biggest ecosystems. But there are many ecosystems among the ocean such as Coral Reefs.

How oil spills effect our eco-system

  • Oil spills can kill a lot of sea life and have over the years this can and will effect the food chain. After awhile the food chain will have to adapt or else there will be major problems
  • Oil spills can effect the food system as well, and having the food chain fail can effect us
  • Oil spills can also effect our water system, polluted water can hurt us
  • It also makes coral not so pretty

solutions to Oil Spillage

  • Stop exploding oil plants
  • Don't put oil plantations were there are more and then sea ecosystem, if care so much about oil spills maybe its a good idea to stop causing them
  • Have more volunteers and more charities work with the animals who have been effected by Oil Spills
  • A new way to clean oil could be a device that uses magnetic force to pull the oil to it and then workers could collect it and depose of it properly

Is it successful:

  • These types of solutions have been around longer than I have, it doesn't exactly stop Oils Spills but they do manage the majority of the damage Oil Spills do cause.

Is it efficient:

  • Yes, its efficient because of how much the problem has decreased over the years and how much cleaner the ocean is.
  • But it doesn't stop there we need to clean up the ocean

What is Biodiversity?

The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem. So in the ocean its the different types of sea life that make up a ecosystem or habitat.

Different Biodiversity and Ecosystem services that have made our ecosystem unstable

  • Pollution is something that is making our ecosystem unstable
  • Humans are effecting the oceanic ecosystem by polluting, not recycling, and being disrespectful to other habitats