An Interview With Coach Holmes

By Kaitlyn Walls

About Coach Holmes

Coach Holmes has his Bachelor of Science, and his Biomedical Science degree from A&M University. He has teaches Biology at Richland High School. He loves seeing the students reactions when they get a good grade. He enjoys connecting with the students. He used to be the Jv girls basketball coach.

Interesting Facts About Coach Holmes

Coach Holmes teaches 9th grade biology. He puts in about 50 hours a week. He says his biggest challenges are trying to meet the needs of different students with different learning styles. The biggest reward that he gets from teaching is connecting with the students, and seeing the students face when they get a good grade on their assignments. He says the self motivation that is needed for this job is definitely a 10. When a student needs a pencil he takes their ID and gives them a pencil, so when class is over he gets his pencil back because the student cant leave the classroom with out their ID, and if they do they get in trouble.