Gelsey Kirkland

By: Kacie Davis

Gelsey Kirkland early years

Gelsey Kirkland was born on December 29,1952 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Gelsey Kirkland joined the New York City Ballet at age 15, becoming its youngest member. At the age of 17, she danced the lead role specially choreographed for her, in George Balanchine's new production of Firebird. Her talent inspired many choreographers.
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Gelsey Dance Career

In 1974 Gelsey Kirkland joined the American Ballet Theater. She was in many famous shows and plays. She was in Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet and the Nutcracker. At first Gelsey refused and Marianna ended up dancing the role Clara in the Washington D.C premiere of the production, but finally Gelsey did the role afterwords and danced in the T.V version.

Gelsey Drug problem

When Gelsey was in the ABT her new partner Patrick Bissell, a much younger dancer had introduced her to cocaine. Patrick and Gelsey had come together because of their mutual attraction to drugs. They both were destroying their bodys. Gelsey was close to committing suicide by overdoes and sexual activity. They were both fired by ABT for their behavior. They where both later rehired by ABT.