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Mrs. Richardson and Mr. Earnest's Kindergarten Class

September 8 - 11, 2015

Academic Parent Teacher Team - APTT Be sure to send in your reservation.

Please mark your calendar for September 15th to join me in our classroom for our first Academic Parent Teacher Team meeting. If you can not attend, please send a representative in your place. It is important that someone from each child's family attend this important meeting.

In the meeting I will share with you your child's progress and go over ways you can help them at home. I am looking forward to sharing with you all the exciting things we are doing in class

"Remind" Notifications

If you signed up to receive our Remind notices, I am sure you were confused this past week when you got notification of additional Sight Words. I apologize for the confusion. The Remind site was pre-loaded with our sight words and the date for each release was wrong. I believe the site has been corrected, but if you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to contact me and know that your child's homework folder will always have the correct sight words.

Our Shape Museum is taking Shape!!

Our Shape Museum is fill up nicely; however, we are still missing shapes from quite a few students. While this seems like a homework assignment that can be easily skipped, locating 3D shapes in our environment is actually one of our Math Standards that must be taught and passed. Please support your child's academic success by doing the requested homework assignment.
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We Are Going Camping!

On September 17th we will spend most of the day at our Ruth Hill Camp Site experiencing all the joys of camping. This is always an exciting day for our students. They will spent time in a tent creating Leaf Art, go on a tree identification hike, learn camp songs, and many other activities including roasting marshmallows for s'mores.

Please fill out permission forms that are coming home today. Without this permission form, your child will not be allowed to participate in this activity.

To ensure a successful experience for your child, please consider donating one of the following items:

  • Large Hersey Chocolate Bars
  • 1 Bag of Large Marshmallows
  • 1 Box of graham crackers

Also, If you would like to volunteer for this project please let me know. We will need volunteers from 12:15 to 1:30 only. It's going to be a great time, I hope you can join us to help out.

Meet some of our classmates


Letter Recognition: (Upper & Lower Case)

  • k, c, n, t, i, a, m, e, l, o, g, h, y, s, w, u, b

Sight Words/Spelling Words:

  • like, can, to, I, a, me, the, my, is


  • Names


  • Partner Read with Student


  • Bring in Shape Museum Shape if you have not done so.
  • Writing Numbers

What's going on in class?

Letter Recognition:
  • k, c, n, t, i, a, m, e, l, o,g, h, y, s, w, b, u

Sight Words:

  • like, can, to, I, a, me, the, my, is


  • names


  • Writing numbers to 10,
  • Counting objects to 10,
  • 3D shapes: cone, cylinder, sphere, cube

Social Studies/Health

  • Careers

Field Trips, Meetings, and Activities

  • APTT Meeting, Sept 15th
  • Mid-term Reports, Sept 16th
  • Camp Day Sept. 17
  • Careers in Our Community, Field Trip to Newnan, Sept 29th
  • Farm Breakfast, October 8th

Whats going on at Ruth Hill?


  • 8-18 FERST Foundation Coin Drive
  • 8th, Tuesday, FERST Foundation Hat Day
  • 8th, Tuesday, Stevie B's Spirit Night
  • 10th Thursday, FERST Foundation Glasses Day
  • 11-25 Domino's Pizza Card Fundraiser
  • 14th, Monday, Grandparent's Lunch
  • 14-18 Book Fair Week
  • 15th, Tuesday, APTT Meeting 5:30-7:30
  • 16th, Wednesday, FERST Foundation Hat Day
  • 16th, Wednesday, Progress Reports Issued
  • 18th, Friday, FERST Foundation PJ Day
  • 22nd, Tuesday, DQ Spirit Night
  • 23rd, Wednesday, Parent Portal Information Night, 5:30
  • 24th, Thursday, Parent Volunteer Class, 9:00 & 5:00
  • 25th, Friday, Fall Picture Day
  • 29th, Tuesday, Parent Input Meeting for Title Documents, 6:30

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples

These students made a perfect score on their Letter Recognition Test:
  • Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, John, Jackson, Valerie, Destiny, Khairi

These students made a perfect score on their Sight Word Spelling Test:

  • Wryson, Evelyn, Destiny, Michael, Brianna

These students made a perfect score on their 2D and 3D Shape Test:

  • Wryson, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, Jackson, Valerie, Khairi, Michael, Brianna, and Tedrin

Congratulations to all of my Golden Apples

Working on Math Journals with Partners

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using spheres and rods to make cubes

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more recess fun

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