A Christmas Carol

A play based off the book by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a charming play to experience, with so much talent and work gone into this story of Ebenezer Scrooge's Christmas. First of all, the stage setting and props are detailed and appealing to the eyes. The stage especially is well designed, with snow around the edges to give the appearance of winter and dingy buildings to appear old-timey. In addition, the costumes and use of them are amazing. For instance, the Ghost of Christmas Past and her dress. Every time she changed the time, she would sweep her dress and do a sort of twirl as if spreading magic through the air. Finally, the plot didn't exactly follow that of the book's, yet it still keeps the story in-line and flowing. One difference was added characters, such as Merriweather. She added more humor to the mostly-serious story with her witty lines. Overall, the play of A Christmas Carol was truly an amazing experience for me. From props to costumes to acting talent, it definitely left a bold mark in my book.



In A Christmas Carol, one sacrifice Scrooge needed to make was to his selfishness and wealth. He sacrificed them in order to become a more generous and caring person. Another reason was to avoid the fate of Jacob Marley. Very much similar to Scrooge, all of us have made sacrifices. One sacrifice I have made before was my free time to go and visit my friend recovering from surgery. It was necessary for me to go because she was also very caring towards me, and I planned to return the favor.