Middle School News - September 11th

Let's get ready for the year Wildcats!

Newsletter summary videos- includes schedule

See summary of newsletter in video format here:

Moving on to the "regular" schedule

We made it through the soft start schedule! Congrats!

We made it through technology issues, a windstorm and power outages. Seems about right for 2020?!

We have had great turn out in classes and it's been wonderful to reconnect with students.

Now let's talk about the "regular" schedule that starts Monday, September 14th

Here is the basic structure:

  • Classes start everyday at 9:40am
  • There will be two live classes per day.
  • Monday (1st and 2nd period)
  • Tuesday (3rd and 4th period)
  • Wednesday (5th and 6th period)
  • Core Classes generally end by 11:25am
  • Breaks and lunch times are built into the schedule.
  • In the afternoons and Thursday and Friday there will be opportunities to meet with teachers in smaller groups as follow up to classes. Teachers will be letting students know when those times will be.

Please see the first section of the newsletter for a video explanation.

Example Schedule:

Click here to see an example schedule: Example Schedule

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During the first week of classes next week, staff will be available to helps students find their classes. 9:30 - 11:30 Google Meet Code: Welcome1

Zoom or Google Meet? Google Meet WINS!

The middle school team has decided to stay with Google Meet at this time as we continue into September.

Zoom is an option in Portland this year, but we decided to not make an additional change at this time.

That means that we will continue to use the SAME Google Meet Codes for classes.

Link to codes: MS Google Meet Class Codes

Google Classroom to Canvas

Last year we used Google Classroom and this year we are switching over to Canvas. We are all learning this new platform so we will be making a slow transition as we learn together.

Here are links to learn more about Canvas: District Resources

Great resources!

Reminders about Virtual Classroom Expectations and Conduct

As we move into a new round of virtual learning we are working on setting expectations for "conduct" during class. Please review the following with your students that we have been talking about:

  • We are back in school. Please leave online social "chats" for outside of class. Comments that you wouldn't say out loud in class, shouldn't be typed into the chat box during a lesson.
  • No spamming in the chat during class. This is not a big issue, but sometimes students share links to their social media accounts or projects for others to "follow" them. Please save this for outside of school time.
  • Safety is always a priority for us. We have had a couple of incidents with students who do not attend Bridger will try or do enter our live classes on Google Meet. They are investigated and followed up on. Please remind your students to not share the Google Meet codes with others outside of Bridger.
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Google Meet Codes for ALL Classes


We will be taking attendance more formally this year. BUT at Bridger is about connecting with families and making sure we stay connected to meet your student's needs.

We monitor attendance and check in to make sure everything is okay. If you have a day that you know your child can't participate, please feel free to email your teacher first.

District Leadership emailed a communication about Attendance policies for distance learning.