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September 2013


Welcome to the media center's monthly newsletter. This newsletter is designed to help teacher better navigate media and technology in the classroom. If you need any additional information or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate! - Katherine Clymer

New Books: a small sample of new books and series

Library news:

The library is in the process of increasing the collections in everybody nonfiction as well as purchasing additional nonfiction to better align with Common Core. If there are materials that you need or see an area in which the media center is lacking, please let me know!

Did you know?

The media center has a paid subscription to the database "Culturegrams." Culturegrams is a database which is a reference source for up-to-date cultural information on states and countries. The kids edition is perfect for elementary ages. The database includes: photo gallery, downloadable slideshows, downloadable and streaming videos, recipes, biographies, and more! To access the database please go to . Click "subscribers" (top left corner). The username is "cabarrus" and the password is "student." Once logged in, click the link on the right, labeled "kids edition." Enjoy!

Fourth and Fifth Grades :

Media time for students is through a flexible scheduling system. This means that your media time is scheduled so that students are able to incorporate the media center into their regular classroom lessons. This time does not have to be exclusively for reading or writing blocks - it can be incorporated into social studies or science!
Collaboration is key. Please see me if you would like to collaborate to create unique lessons or projects that incorporate technology and research into the students' learning experiences.

Free (or almost free) Apps :

Barefoot World Atlas ($4.99) - This app features a 3-D globe that students can use to explore the world. For younger viewers it features countries and landmarks as well as animated illustrations. For older students the app also features statistics, weather, and other information.
Watch a free demo

Reminders :

Teachers please remember the following for the upcoming school year:

  • Movies shown in the classroom must either be in the media center or be approved. This is for copyright protection.
  • Movies that are rated "PG" must have parental permission from the entire class to be shown. The permission slip must explicitly state why the movie is rated "PG" so that parents are informed before giving permission. This is a Cabarrus County Schools policy.
  • If a novel is used in the classroom that may have content which parents find objectionable, please inform parents that they may read the novel ahead of the class and choose for their child to be given an alternate assignment. This was the decision of the Media and Technology Advisory Committee after meeting in Spring 2013.