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Congratulations on a safe, organized, and successful first week of school! Our returning students looked giddy to be back, and new kids seem to be adjusting well. I appreciate your hard work and focus as we get ready for a great school year.

A few reminders and dates to remember:

  • Please make sure any new students have a picture taken and are referred for intakes
  • Monitor all emails for busing changes that might affect your students
  • Begin to review student IEPs and complete 408 forms
  • Reach out to parents and introduce yourself- call and letters home

Dates to remember:

  • September 11- First extended Monday
  • September 11- 408 forms due
  • September 15- Complete hallway bulletin boards
  • September 18- SANDI opens
  • September 21- Meet the Faculty Night (virtual) 5:30-7PM
  • September 24- BTC Back to School Family BBQ/Celebration 12:00-4:00 PM in the courtyard

School Hours


8:05-2:30 daily

Staff (some related service staff have different hours, see your cohort admin)


8:00 am-4:00 pm (3:55 for paras)


8:00 am-2:20 pm

Cohort Supervision


FBTH, Structured Teaching, Fr/So, All RSPs other than guidance


Clusters, Crisis, Guidance team




Pre Transition, Inclusion and Transition sites, ENL


September 11th, 2001 has had a lasting impact on the nation, but even more so in the classroom. How do you effectively convey the horror of the event without traumatizing students, or creating fear that could incite hate? What is the real purpose behind teaching the events of September 11th? What lasting legacy do we hope to pass on to learners through our lessons of that tragic day? These are difficult questions to answer. I hope that the resources below will help you have these meaningful discussions with your students.

Shout Out

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A huge shout out to our McKinney team, who readied a brand new site in just two days.

Your classrooms are organized and inviting, students were welcomed warmly, and busing/dismissal went without a hitch. Keep up the great work, I'm proud of all of you!

Song of the Week

Yes, this has been played a million times, and it has been every single youth sports walk up song since 2000. But there's a reason it's iconic (besides it's connection to Detroit:). This song is about pushing yourself to be the best you can, regardless of nerves, circumstances and obstacles. This resonates at the beginning of our "construction year", and as an important message to every single one of our students.
Eminem- Lose Yourself (Clean Version) [HQ]