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Refreshing Your Carpet

Having kids or pets at home can lead to your carpeting being liable to suffer from stains and dust. It is your choice if you want to use natural products rather than chemical solutions when cleaning your floor covering. Natural products that are normally seen in the kitchen. These products have the capability of eliminating stains and keeping your carpet green.

To know more about them you can read carefully:

Baking Soda. It is a dry chemical leavening agent which is known to be the most inexpensive method of refreshing carpet. You can use it to cure stains coming from pet or baby dirt and dirt from shoes at home. Sprinkle small amount of baking soda and let it settle overnight. The following day, vacuum it and release the container together with the scattered fragments collected.

Corn Starch. Is a corn flour which is also inexpensive similar to baking soda. This is a different way of refreshing the carpet and air in your home. Like baking soda, corn starch has also the ability to remove odors quickly. Pour cornstarch just exactly to cover the area. Let it stay there for a long time, then that is the perfect time to vacuum it.

Borax, Vinegar and Salt. These home products are usually use to treat strong stains. Combine together 1/4 salt, 1/4 vinegar and 1/2 borax and transfer it to a spray bottle. You can apply the mixture onto the stained after you have thoroughly shake it, remember not to wet it too much. You are required to use a brush with short hair same as toothbrush when scrubbing the stain. Sometimes you have to do this process many times to assure that the stain is properly remove. Leave the area to dry prior to vacuuming it and putting back the furnitures.

Club Soda. It is a carbonated water which can be used in eliminating stains on your carpet. Apply this product directly from the bottle using a soft clean cloth by blotting it in the entire stain. Continue to add club soda till the stain is completely soak up and removed. Again, blot the area with clean water, let it dry completely prior to vacuuming and setting back the furnishings.

Just adopt these tips whenever you want to clean and sanitize your carpet in the simplest way. If you are finding professional carpet cleaners to do the cleaning process for you, you can hire one. Just visit here CarpetCareProfessionalIndianaAnderson!